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Welcome to The Central Wellness Coalition - home on-line. The Central Wellness Coalition - is one of six wellness coalitions in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Coalitions provide opportunities for people to become involved in community action around the issues that affect their health and well-being. Coalitions provide leadership, coordination and support for local wellness initiatives. They build partnerships by bringing together individuals, groups and organizations interested in working together on common wellness issues in their local regions. Activities may include advocating for healthy public policy, administering community grants to enhance local wellness projects, or developing and delivering community wellness programs.

The Central Wellness Coalition- is supported by the provincial government through the Provincial Wellness Plan and the Department of Health and Community Services, and by Central Health.

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What is Wellness?

Wellness is a general term for the overall health of an individual.

Wellness can mean emotional, intellectual, mental, physical, sexual, and spiritual health as well.

Many things affect a person's wellness such as:

    1. Income and Social Status

    2. Social Support Networks

    3. Education and Literacy

    4. Employment/ Working Conditions

    5. Social Environments

    6. Physical Environments

    7. Personal health Practices and Coping Skills

    8. Healthy Child Development

    9. Biology and Genetic Endowment

    10. Health Services

    11. Gender

    12. Culture

These are called the “Determinants of Health”.

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*NEW* 2017 Annual Gathering Report

Central Regional Wellness Coalition operational changes:
We regret to inform you that Central Regional Wellness Coalitions funding has been affected once again with significant funding cuts in the 2016-17 provincial budget. Our funding was reduced about 4 years ago and now has been reduced once again to almost half of its original funding.

The CRWC steering committee met and revised our work plan to accommodate the latest cuts with still trying to be able to support as much programming and community work as possible, but there will be changes. We have outlined some of the immediate changes below.

Community Grants: Maximum grants awarded reduced to $1,500 (down from $2,000). No grant deadlines (i.e. used to be May 1 and Dec 1), now grants will be accepted all year until funding is exhausted.

Core programs: Funding for the Food and Fun Camp and PARTY program will be changed.

  • Food and Fun Camp program will now have a new more detailed application process and a deadline to apply of June 30th each year for summer funding. Anyone applying after June 30th will risk not getting considered for funding.
  • PARTY program will no longer be provided funding for food.

Community Initiatives Funding: Maximum will remain at $200, but a new policy to submit receipts is in place. All claims must be sent to the co-chairs for reimbursement within 30 days after the approved event has taken place. Any receipts received after this time may not be reimbursed.

Annual Gathering: We will continue to have an annual gathering but there will be a selection process and cap on number of people who can attend (we have not capped this in the past).

Networking days: We no longer will be able to fund networking days; these would now have to fall under community initiatives funds or another category.






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